Deniz's sarcasm and long-suffering diagnosis of foot in mouth syndrome has been getting her both into and out of trouble ever since she learned how to talk.

Born and raised in the DC suburbs of McLean, VA, Deniz Kofteci decided to thank her parents for all their handwork by telling them she would be pursuing an art degree at a private college over 500 miles from home.

After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Deniz did what anyone who watched The Muppets take Manhattan at an impressionable age would do; she moved to New York City.

After spending the first few years bartending until 4 am and getting up at 8 am to make important people coffee, she got a job working for a news startup called i-spot-a-story. The website didn’t last, but the connections and lessons she learned were invaluable to her career. She developed a love for the research stage of the storytelling process; searching, asking questions and wondering.

She spent two years working for WNYC as a web producer and live event host for The Greene Space. She left WNYC to pursue freelance opportunities with NPR, Music and Style TV,, NBA Front Page and CBS Sports. She left New York in 2016 and moved to Nashville, TN where she spent a year working as a Multimedia Producer for Media General Broadcasting’s national desk before moving to Washington, DC and took on the role of Video Producer with the startup media company, Circa.

Her goal as a digital storyteller is to create content that wrangles, demands, and sustains even the most ADD viewer's attention. When putting a story together, she thrives on using her creative instincts (See mom, Art School totally paid off!) to invent and design manifold ways of reaching audiences.

Her love of a great conversation and her insatiable curiosity led her to a career in journalism. Nothing makes her happier than a meaningful conversation or an informative debate where each person walks away knowing more than they did when it started.